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Turning Pain into a Purpose

Mia GiAngelos is a motivational speaker and author who uses her life experiences and research to speak on leadership, communication, recovery, dating, relationships and self love for audiences big and small. It was always her dream to make a positive impact in the lives of others, and she is proud to be able to make a living by inspiring, motivating and challenging people from all different backgrounds.

As a Master Life Coach, with a strategic approach combined with an outside-the-box perspective, Mia GiAngelos helps people break through barriers and challenges, overcome doubts and take a large stride towards finding their purpose, achieving their goals and developing a positive inner voice.

Mia is a dedicated servant to her community by continuing to work with those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and those recovering from toxic or abusive relationships. She is also a dedicated volunteer as a victim advocate for the San Antonio Police Department to help aide in sexual and domestic abuse cases.  She is an avid supporter of the me too movement, mental health awareness and suicide prevention and awareness. 

Mia is also a current Toastmasters club member, presiding President of her club and a member of the continued education committee. She took first place at Area and third place at Division for the International Speech Contest. It is her goal to compete again.

Mia's logo is a blossoming black rose. "It’s black because I’ve embraced the darkness of my past and now I’m growing into something beautiful. I’ve given my pain a purpose. I hope that you will do the same." Mia loves helping people grow and improve. This is her passion in life.


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