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"What a stunning public speaker! I was riveted and incredibly moved by Mia's presentation. She had everyone engrossed in her words of wisdom of overcoming adversity. Her words are heart-felt and moving with just the right touch of humor. She is a very special person with a beautiful soul. I look forward to her next speaking engagement!"

Reverie Fey
Writer, Actor and Youth Public Speaker

“Mia’s authenticity and willingness to look at her pain and share her recovery exposes what makes her potent and impressive.”

Karin T. Tucker
Producer, She-lon.
Women's Artists' Salon

"I have had the pleasure of being an audience member of many of Mia's presentations and speeches. She is a wonderful speaker, and always has a strong message to share. Her background, style, and passion combine to make her presentations compelling. When Mia's giving a talk, I make every effort to be in that audience! She is such a confident and eloquent speaker. She always has a beautiful message to share with her audience."

Grace Bennett

“ Mia is an inspiration to people of all ages, she has personally helped me get through difficult situations in my life. She does not beat around the bush, she lets you know in no uncertain terms.”

Amanda Garcia

"Mia has a way of presenting loving yourself as anything and all things. It's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. There is never one way and the possibilities are boundless. Best of all, loving yourself can and perhaps should be all manner of things personally precious and continuously evolving like we are."

Meg Kutac

"She inspired me to look outside myself and explore volunteer opportunities."

Christopher Fairburn

"She has quickly become a skillful speaker. Her stories are compelling because they are personal, honest and brave.

Columba  Carlos

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