Women Empowering Women Movement

I've been seeing this movement on social media about women empowering women. Once a week I have a zoom meeting with my girl friends that we call "Diva Night". We take turns choosing a theme and we dress in costumes to match that theme. This enables us to:

1. Not take ourselves too seriously.

2. Remind ourselves to play and laugh.

3. Bond over our ability to take our themes beyond our expectations!

It's a night we get together and share our past week, accomplishments and struggles. We offer each other accountability on our goals and support on our weaknesses. We have a love for one another that has grown into a sisterhood. I can't imagine my life without this night, without these women. Having their strengths to lean on during my weaknesses and being able to offer my strengths during their weakness has given me a power that can't be matched.

A couple of weeks ago I was telling them about how I was watching television with the man I'm seeing and a beautiful, young blonde came on the screen and dropped her clothes to the floor. She was stunning. He noticed. I noticed him noticing. He noticed that I noticed him noticing.

"She's attractive but she's got nothing on you." he quickly responded thinking he needed to make me feel better. I kissed his cheek and said "Thank you. She is stunning and so am I but in a different way. She's a young sexy blonde and I'm an older attractive brunette. It's apples and oranges so no need to compare." This was a revelation for me! For the first time in my life I didn't need:

  1. Someone else to valid my beauty.

  2. To compete with someone else's beauty.

  3. To compare myself to someone else.

Ladies, I believe with all my heart that if we would love ourselves for who we are, what we look like and where we're at in our lives we can stop comparing and competing with other women. There's no comparing when there is no other woman on this planet like you. Embrace that. Live your best life for you. If you need to compete, do so in a way that improves you without devaluing someone else.

We need to learn to support one another. Women are so powerful as individuals just imagine what we can accomplish when standing in unison. Be brave, be strong and be a support for other women!

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