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"The author paints a vivid picture of her experience from the first paragraph. An immersive journey into abuse and adversity, leading to peace and serenity.  Could not put it down. I look forward to reading more from this author."-Chris Fairburn

"Broken Wings is a compelling story of a woman’s’ courage through the abuse and trauma she experienced as a child and how she overcame her demons.  The author takes us through her journey starting as a young child and the pain she suffered at the hands of the people who were to protect her the most.  The book tells of her coming of age, marriage, children, and the struggles she endures.  As a counselor being in the field of helping women overcome addiction, trauma, and many of emotional and mental issues we suffer from, I am always searching for books relating to these issues. I found this book to be a page turner and finished it in 3 days. There is so much to her story and I fear talking about it will give away too much.  I had the opportunity to meet the author and ask her a few questions about her life now.  Mia is an inspiration and her life experiences has led her to dedicate a part of her life to female trauma survivors supporting and providing them the hope that is needed to heal.  I was also privy to hear that she will be publishing other memoirs detailing her life further. " - Allison M

"Mia is an all around lovely human being with a passion for recovery, her clear, frank style is refreshing and will leave you feeling fulfilled and inspired to seek change in your life as well!" - Matt Seiler Sobriety Date 8/12/15

"This is a deeply personal story that makes you question why so many adults participated in, condoned or ignored a child's sexual, physical and mental abuse. I applaud Mia for her courage in writing and sharing her story and hope it helps her and others heal." Debbie R

"Broken Wing captures the life-threatening struggles and gambles risked by the author in an unpredictable environment.  This book is a must read for those that seek answers to questions about directions to their destiny. Broken Wings is a "roller coaster ride" that puts an unexpected twist on how the author regained her self esteem. The book shows the reader how she reached the "fork in the road" leading to a successful vibrant lifestyle. Broken Wings has an ending that brings tears to the reader's eyes. I recommend reading Broken Wings because it shows the reader that fulfilling your destiny does not depend on the approval of others. - Jacquelyn Rubie

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